Could it be that most theropod dinosaurs had feathers?

Feathered Dinosaurs

If you’ve been raised on a diet of Jurassic Park and Dinosaur Train, this will blow your mind.

As you know, dinosaurs are reptiles; like present-day lizards, snakes and tortoises. Most reptiles possess scales that are made out of keratin – the same substance that is used to create rigid feathers in birds.

You have probably heard of a handful of dinosaurs that were known to be feathered, such as archaeopteryx (often considered the “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds). You’ve likely also discovered that fossils of some of the popular theropods, such as deinonychus and velociraptor, have been found with distinct evidence of feathery coatings.

As time has passed, more and more species of dinosaur have been found to have had feathers or proto-feathers on their bodies at some point in their lifespan. At least forty (40) non-avian dinosaurs have been connected to evidence of feathers and some scientists now claim that all or most theropods (including the mighty tyrannosaurus rex) possessed feathers.

Given how closely related dinos are to birds, with this finding the latest icing on the cake, you’ll never look at a Christmas turkey in quite the same light again.

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