Home-schooling goes mainstream

Home Schooling in Australia

Australia’s public health response in relation to the coronavirus pandemic has been admirable, given that it has demonstrably reduced our daily infection rates to the double figures, while other countries continue to struggle with daily numbers in the hundreds or thousands. This has required that Australians make significant changes to their ways of life, however, including those related to the partial shut-down of schools in many states.

While this creates a range of challenges, some of the benefits have been parents increasing involvement in their children’s learning experiences. That’s not always easy, though, as many children require regular stimulation with different activity types in order to maintain their engagement. That’s easier at school, where there is often an abundance of resources on hand to switch students from workbooks, to online activities, to video demonstrations, group discussions and hands-on practicals.

Fortunately, Curiosity Cave can assist with this. If you’ve been looking to introduce some new educational challenges to your school-aged children, while they’re at home, why not consider one of the science, engineering or electronics kits that are available right here? Curiosity Cave is based in Australia, with stock located on the Gold Coast, for rapid dispatch.

Browse our range of educational gifts and science/technology kits, and you may just find yourself with a little learner who is fully engaged in practical exploration while at home.

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